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Our thermal manikin systems are used to test apparel products and measure their insulation and evaporative resistance. The physical properties of textiles, material packages, clothing items and their combinations are easily compared or tested according to international standards, e.g. EN 511 for handware.

In some cases only a standard package is enough, however, it is still important for us to know the purpose of the use of the manikin system in order to be able to offer the best result for client.

There are different requirements and needs for standard testing, development work and research. Thus, our clients´ interests and necessities are highly important for us and all our manikin systems are developed in close cooperation with the customer to achieve the best result.

Together the most innovative solutions are created.


Having a long experience in shaping materials and fine handycraft skills we got our first order on thermal model in 2008 when we achieved contact with Lund University and manufactured our first custom-made non-standard double-sided hotplate. It is used for investigating textile material package insulation and evaporative resistance1. It has been also used for evaluation of the performance of PCM (phase change material) in dry and wet conditions2.

The next project was a thermal hand model system for testing handware that allows not only for standard tests according to EN 511, but also for detailed feedback on different parts of handwear.

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