Thermal manikins1,2 are used for testing indoor and outdoor environments in various fields such as industrial, scientific, military, research or other purposes.

Our thermal body part manikin and model systems have mostly been used for clothing research. A manikin can have several independent heating and measuring zones. The number of zones may depend on the user needs and requirements. Each zone contains a heating element and a distributed temperature sensor on the surface of the manikin. This allows the control software to heat the manikin to a normal human skin temperature, while logging the amount of power necessary to do so in each zone and the temperature of each individual zone.

The manikin systems we offer are turn-key packages, ready for use. The set consists of the manikin form, regulation/aquisition system and software.

Our thermal models are 100 % handcrafted. The core is made of durable plastics, heating wires are embedded in polyester and distributed measuring wires are placed on the polyester shell. Nozzles for water distribution are added if “sweating mode” is required.